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      中國“慰安婦”資料館介紹 - 2011年9月18日
      Chinese "Comfort Women" Archive is hosted by Research Center for Chinese Comfort Women, Shanghai Normal University. The director of the center is Professor Su Zhiliang, dean of Humanities and Communication College. The archive was opened to public in 2007, the 70th anniversary of the breaking of Chinese Anti-Japanese War. The archive consists five parts i.e. panels area, data area, the physical objects area, video and image area, message of love and care area. Panels area include six research topics, namely the emergence of Japanese "comfort women" system (1918-1936), the implementation of Japanese "comfort women" system (1937-1941), the expansion of Japanese "comfort women" system (1941-1945), the victims’ sufferings and compensations claims, trial, guilt and investigation, status quo and care. The showcase displays more than 80 volumes research results on "comfort women" system in Japanese, Korean, English and other languages.
      The is the third archives to expose the historical truth of Japanese "comfort women" system to the world following the ones in Seoul and Tokyo, meanwhile our archive has been sister museum with Oka Masaharu Memorial Nagasaki Peace Museum(岡まさはる記念長崎平和資料館).
      The archive, opened on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.( national holidays and winter and summer vacations excluded) and free of charge, is located at underground exhibition hall Wenyuan Building , east campus, Shanghai Normal University, No.100 Guilin Road, Shanghai.
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